Passion + Purpose: Salvation Coffee

Welcome to our First Passionate Purposeful Local Business Interview…..THE A TEAM had the honor of interviewing Jim Young the owner and inspirer behind Salvation Coffee located on 3321 S Church st in Burlington.



Obviously this is a new business that has taken Alamance County and all Coffee Drinkers by Storm. Have you uploaded a photo of the infamous Salvation Coffee cup to your Facebook or Instagram yet?  Its just not the cups but the entire Coffee Shop that just embraces you with so much warmth and love.   Salvation Coffee is much more than just another coffee shop.  its a unique environment where you can share life and fellowship over Coffee together in a renewed, inspiring environment. We asked Jim a few questions just to get the behind the scenes look of what inspired him to start his own coffee shop….
Jim Young is a local, born and raised, his father passed away at the age of 12 and he was raised by his mother who was an ex-Marine.  His mother always believed in him, and instilled within Jim that you can do anything you set your mind to do.  Jim at 17 years old, enlisted to serve our country in the US Army.  Jim served in Germany in the 1980s.  On weekends they would visit local Coffee Shops and drink Espresso in the small little cups and enjoy fresh baked goods. Located in small mountain villages, with stone/brick walls just overlooking the countryside.   Jim stated “it allowed us to escape from the real world and enjoy a bit of warmth and romance during the 1980’s Cold War”.  Coffee is a universal love language, its a place people can come together and share life with one another.  The good and the bad over a cup of coffee, it just brings people soulfully together.  When Jim returned to the US in 1988 he first started his business called Ear Candy.  He had $80 in his pocket, and had to bum a ride to the bank to obtain his first business loan, but he made it happen on faith and a dream.  He continually took every penny he made and invested it back into the Business. He built Ear Candy to a business he no longer needed a store front, word of mouth keeps Ear Candy busy.
Jim noticed himself constantly working in Starbucks and the idea came upon him…there has gotta be better coffee…so he began to have the desire to roast his own beans first.  Coffee Roasters were thousands of dollars, and Jim said if I am going to do this I am going to do it smart.  So he found his first roaster online refurbished and much more affordable than a brand new one.  He ordered T-Shirts and Coffee Bags even before he had a business up and going.  Talk about faith…
Salvation Coffee – Where did this name come from?  Jim was recently save; he was restored and made new again.  The inspiration behind Salvation is to take the old stuff and make something restored and new…a new life, so to speak.  This goes deep for the Young family, much further than all the old restored football field signs, the old airplane jets, and other memorabilia and reclaimed furniture throughout the Coffee Shop.  Jim and his wife Karry, the true inspiration behind the design of Salvation Coffee,  created just that.   Their youngest daughter was recently also saved and has completed restored her life. When we asked Jim why did you want to start this Coffee Shop….he said after holding back a few tears, it was for my daughter Savannah. She was down a dark path, homeless and it brought her back to life.  Anyone that has met Savannah knows, the minute you walk in you’re greeted with an unwavering smile, a welcome, and she immediately begins to put her passion and love into your individual cup of coffee or tea.  She is always creating and encouraging you to try one of the creative drinks.  Her spirit is truly alive and well and you can feel it from the moment you are embraced by Salvation Coffee.
Jim noted, we are a christian business, the Bible is clearly visible and always on our shelf but we are not here to shove it down your throat we are here to just Love others.  Love your neighbor as yourself.  No matter your religion, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, we love everyone just the same.  Salvation Coffee is a place of peace, a place where we share love, we share encouragement and we truly hope you feel empowered when you leave.
Jim’s future plans are to hopefully have a food truck or Motorcycle with a Side Cart and travel brewing coffee and sharing Salvation Coffee everywhere with others.  Being a veteran, Jim has a huge heart to bless other veterans.  He is an ambassador for Operation Enduring Warrior – OEW is a foundation that challenges veterans to maintain physical activity and continue to compete in challenge events, obstacle courses, triathlons etc.   It helps veterans’ rehabilitation physically, mentally and emotionally.  This is near and dear to Jim’s heart, a local veteran actually made the bar stools you see in Salvation Coffee!  He shared many stories of veterans overcoming their circumstances and re-birthing themselves to a new life.
If you are in West Burlington, looking for a place to drink a delicious cup of coffee and truly feel loved, I encourage you to visit Salvation Coffee.  Its one of our favorites, and the passion and purpose behind the business goes much further than just the coffee itself.  The coffee is delicious and the baked goods (they have healthy Keto treats too) are all out of this world.  Relax, rejuvenate yourself, share life with others and spread the love over an amazing cup of Salvation Coffee.

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