What to Repair in your Home Before you List It

A lot of money goes into buying a new house so it is understandable if a
seller feels hesitant investing even more money to fix up their current
house prior to selling. However, sellers may not realize that some of the
issues they live with everyday and consider minor, such as the hallway light switch or the kitchen sink that has plumbing issues, may actually be
considered major to home buyers. These issues may even prevent buyers
from making an offer on a home or making a lower offer. It’s crucial to keep your house presentable and in good shape before you list it on the market. That being said, read on to find out what repairs you might want to
consider before you list on your house on the market.

Roof Problems
A roof is one of the most important components of a home, protecting all
that is underneath. Additionally, roofs are major expenses to replace.
Therefore, it is imperative to keep the roof well maintained and free of
damage and leaks. Issues like water and sun damage, clogged gutters, and
rotting will lead to bigger issues if not fixed timely. Tending to these items
immediately will help prevent further damage and help present the home

Poor Maintenance
Minor issues such as damaged flooring, paint chipping, and old carpeting
can be easily fixed to give your home a renovation. Your goal is to make
your home appealing so start by replacing anything that is heavily worn and adding a fresh coat of paint. And these minor upgrades can be inexpensive because you’ll most likely see a return on investment.

Plumbing problems can result in minor or major issues and it is very
important to take care of these issues right away as they can lead to further
problems. Bigger problems such as water damage can lead to mold and
easy fixes to leaky faucets can be replaced inexpensively.

Electrical problems can cause a wide variety of problems. Smaller fixes
such as faulty switches, missing wire nuts, or damaged junction boxes can
be fixed with a good electrician. Replacing a circuit breaker might be needed if they don’t match the amperage of your home. Some repairs are obvious to see and others aren’t so it’s a good idea to run a pre-inspection of your house before listing. After, review it with your realtor because they can advise on which ones are the first priority.